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Here is my progress from the weekend on Baroque. I jumped around a bit having decided that moving to a different area to keep going rather than forcing myself to do an area I was less than enthused about was a better idea to make progress. I'm not likely to have this finished for my November goal with all the time I took out for my Mom's birthday gift but that's ok, its still showing some good progress so I'm happy with that.

I'm also getting Poirot ready to stitch. Mondays I stitch at a Needlepoint shop and I have no small canvas pieces to take along, that seemed like as good an excuse as any to start yet another project :) I am considering switching my large canvas to Twister for December. Of all my WIP's that is the one I most want to see done, I was SO excited to start that one, but with all the laying of threads and the compensating of stitches plus the fact that its done on congress cloth, progress has been much slower than I had anticipated.

I hope every…


My new wheels :) My lease was about up on my old boring grey car so instead of buying that one it was decided to look for something new. Isn't it fun?!?! Vroooomm :)

The red clashes a bit with my hair but oh well, perhaps it was time for a new hair color any way hee hee. Ahh who cares ;) Indy gave it 2 paws up because its easier for him to leave nose prints on the window and there's a lot more play area for him to get into trouble as I'm driving around. Jay has always liked these and was the one who first told me to check them out so I know I won't be hearing any complaints from him either. I have taken a bit of a down grade with the engine, the Taurus had a nice big gas guzzling engine but it also weighed as much as a small SUV so it needed it. This also has the added fun bonus that I can tell people I drive a Vibe-rator and see the confused looks on their faces LOL >:)

Picture Day

Well I tried to post some of this yesterday but Blogger was being less than cooperative with me. Not sure if there was a problem or if it just didn't like my computer at work since everything loaded fine when I got home last night...

The finished Vintage Red Sewing Set. I'm unhappy with the scissor sheath but I can't decide if I dislike it enough to remake it.  Its actually supposed to have a running stitch just inside the edge to hold it together but that left too much exposed on the edges in my opinion so I opted for this blanket stitch instead.

I did spend some quality time making friends with my sewing machine this weekend, after seeing the project roll that Jo made I got out my fabric and got my own put together.

Here it is rolled out. I added an extra layer of fabric in there as alot of the things I'm stitching lately have beads and I didn't want to risk a piece of canvas snagging on one and pulling it off.

Here it is rolled up. I haven't gotten ribbon ye…

Sewing Kit Update and a New Dodecagon!

I spent a good part of Sunday at my sewing table trying to get this set finished for my Mom's birthday this week. I did manage 2 out of the 3 so I guess that's not bad.

Miniature Biscornu

Isn't it cute?? I got the first piece of the Vintage Red sewing set almost complete this morning. This biscornu is only a bit larger than a quarter which I guess shouldn't surprise me if you look at the tin it goes in but I was expecting it a bit larger still.

Upon getting it all together I realized that I had forgotten to get a red button however to pull the center together. The LNS that I stitch at on Thursdays sells loose buttons so hopefully I'll be able to find something this evening and this piece will be complete. I have a good start going on the scissor sheath as well but that is a bit slower going. The whole thing is done over one thread. I stitched and stitched last night and it still seemed like I was getting no where, oh well. The motif is almost done and the initials go fast enough so I hopefully will have that one done today, I can't take it to Sit and Stitch this evening as mom will also be there and will be wondering where her copy of the pattern is so …

Vintage Red Sewing Set

It arrived yesterday after being on backorder, knew this though so I've had all the stuff ready to go to get it stitched since I only have a little over a week to get this done. Thankfully there really isn't a lot of stitching to do on it, mostly finishing which doesn't seem too difficult.

If it's not baroque, don't fix it

Ok that was a bit cheesy, its a line from Disney's Beauty and the Beast that comes to mind everytime I think about the name of this piece though.

Here is some more progress on it from the past few evenings. I had planned to finish the blue and then move on to the squares but my urge to do something different got the better of me and I decided stitching the squares for something different was better than forcing myself to do the other blue sections which at the time didn't sound like nearly as much fun ;) I decided to finish this "side" and then rotate the canvas instead. I was also dying to do that spiral stitch you see in the light blue. So far I think I'm doing well for completing this one this month to meet my goal.


Ok so I'm a bit late with that one tee hee. I'm still going on my Halloween Fairy here, getting a bit of work done on her wings.

New Stash!!!

Yes, I know I'm not supposed to be buying stash but other people certainly can right? Saturday was my birthday, Jay and Mom were both nice enough to buy me some so I can have my fix!

These two are full kits. I've seen them before but for one reason or another talked myself out of them each time citing the fact that I already have thread and didn't need to purchase a kit but I've never spotted either as a chart only. The borders on each of these are quite fun, I just hope they're not too much of a test to stitch

Then there was some new beading things! I've been hunting for this beading book for a while and never found a shop that carried it for whatever reason. Mom hadn't yet found it so she gave me some money to spend on whatever I wanted and happily the beading book was finally in stock, even better I had enough left to buy The Best of Beadwork also. If you like to bead and haven't seen this one its worth a look. Some great jewelry in here and the amul…

Such a hard life

Now I completely wish I had this problem. Indy here, spent a long hard night sleeping, jabbing his feet into my back to try to steal the bed and chewing on toys at ungodly hours of the night. He is infact, so worn out that after breakfast he felt the need to overtake the recliner and have a nice morning nap. He looks real put out doesn't he?? hee hee Maybe he's mad because there is no pillow? Actually he's probably a bit annoyed at the camera flashing in his face and waking him from his nap but he just looked too cute there to not take a picture *grin* I think naps need to be mandatory. A nice mid-morning nap.. close the office and everybody nap, yes I think that would work nicely. If I'm real lucky I'll sleep like I normally do and wake up in time to go home for the day ;)

Center diamond complete

As I sit and look at it, it seems like there should be more there. After stitching the 2 Jim Wurth pieces the open areas on this Jean Hilton piece seem to jump out at me. I actually had to behave and not leave runners of thread around on the canvas to make sure they wouldn't show through when I was finished.

The beads and the Flair are in and the thinner red diamond is also complete. Next up is to complete those blue areas I have started and then I am dying to work on the medallions that are currently just black outlines within white rectangles. Those look like some extremely fun stitches to do but I've been putting them off so I wasn't working over already stitched areas and causing wear on the threads. I also noticed there was a bit more to go on this than I originally thought. I had forgotten about that very large border around the outside of the diamonds, oh well ;) After going through all the pages of the design it doesn't look very complicated so hopefully that w…

Beading on Baroque

I decided to keep going on the central portion of Baroque. This is my progress from last night, it could have been better but as there was nothing on TV I wanted to watch we put in Jaws which I haven't seen since I was very small so I kept getting distracted by the TV :) The tear drop shape the beads are making will next get filled in with Flair *cringe* If you've never worked with Flair its... interesting. Its tubular nylon so its rather like stitching with a strip of material from panty hose. It unravels, it snags, sounds lovely doesn't it? It, like many of the other threads I don't like so well, looks great on the finished piece so I deal with them. Here is a closer shot of the central area on the design.

Thank you for the comments on The Garden Spot. It is an Indigo Rose design, originally it was a teaching piece but she released it for sale a few years back so I was told by the shop I found it in. The only bad thing about this pattern is one of the threads in it…

The Garden Spot

Here is another WIP I've been working on here and there and I haven't shown any recent progress photos of. This is the project that made the trip across country with me in March and then I kept at the apartment in the weeks before I physically moved all my "stuff" in so I had something to stitch if we watched a movie.

The photo doesn't show the colors well at all, next time I take a photo I'll have to pray for good sunlight so I won't have to use the flash. The year, for example, is a Bijoux which is a thin metallic and its a red/black color. I'm still not too sure on that yellow, it is screaming bright in comparision to the other colors in this piece. For now it will stay and see how it looks once everything is done, the rest of the stitching may tone it down a bit, we'll see :)

Finally... some order :)

And finally, now that I've stopped goofing off ;) I can show you what the disaster on the last post SHOULD look like :)

That contraption in front of the couch is my stitching stand, pay no attention to that. It would take far too long to take apart each night so it just hangs out there and pretends to be furniture. Indy doesn't much care about the fact that things are livable, he's just glad to have his chair back, he is under the blanket in the recliner having his after breakfast nap hee hee

Here is the reverse view of the kitchen area. Yes my countertops is really that clean, I hate "stuff" on my horizontal surfaces, it makes cleaning take way too long and that's just not acceptable. Having said that I'm waiting for the comment from Jay telling you that it most certainly did *not* look like that when he left for work this morning. No, indeed it didn't, but it does now as I've been cleaning this morning :)

Stay tuned when next week Kimberly will at…