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CJC Day 3 and STNA Blog Hop

Ahh the new year and a new day of the Crazy January Challenge, unfortunately I have no pics to show today. I pulled out the Accordian book of Ornament from Cherished Stitches to restart with the proper thread as I found some on my stash and I didn't like it, so I went thread diving and found something else and didn't like that either.  I think, perhaps I will expand the thread search to something other than red to find something I like because this is getting a bit silly.  Another start today, though it seems I'm a day ahead here since I started my first project on New Years Eve but right now I'm just working on staying on track with stitching. The first Sheep Virtue is out, oooh so cute.  I can't wait for these to come in, my LNS will have it ready for me with fabric and the buttons so I shouldn't have to go hunting to find the items needed to get these finished.  Many who have joined the SAL are discussing pillow finishing them and putting them out in a bowl