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A Bit of Christmas

Yes, more starts.  As I said last week, I was on a roll with smaller starts, and I'd like these stitched these up for cube finishes so I can have something like a Christmas village on the bookcase wall in my living room. This is 'My House'  from the Hometown Holiday series by Little House Needleworks.  I'm nearly done; just some snow, a few hearts, a bit of decoration, and the rest of my name. I will likely put it down for the weekend to work on The Baroness Edie since I need the stand to work on the needlepoint, it's not fun to pack up and travel with, so I avoid it when possible.

The Baroness Edie

I didn't have enough WIP's lurking around the house, I've started another.  This is one of the last 2 dodecagons of the 8 I purchased, I moved in the midst of the rollout and missed the last 4 in the confusion of a cross country move. Spring pastels on green for this one is a bit like Czarina  in color but happily a bit less layering until I get to the center.  Also, I'm happy to see this one does not include Flair. It makes a great look on the finished project, but oh it is a test to stitch with.  My progress so far, contrasted with a plain brown wall and a broken popsicle stick to make it extra classy.  My stand has a ridge on the top and bottom to hold frames secure, it doesn't work so well on this type of frame. The ridge ends up distorting the canvas, so the popsicle stick wins as its soft enough that the pressure of the tacks so the frame doesn't slip while I'm tugging on threads.  I'm only on page 8 and had to switch off to som