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Tiger Finish

Despite all my best attempts to goof off, sort and resort stash, and play outside in the dirt I managed my first finish of the year so I could reduce that insane WIP pile by 1, the Tiger Lee purse insert.  I still have to trim it and put it in the purse but we can't rush these things, haha

Cape Kiwanda

We seem to be jinxed when plans are made to go hiking somewhere new, especially when its an area we've been wanting to see for a while and the past weekend was no exception. We had a trail picked out that was an hour and a half drive just to get to the trail head but the hike was only around 2 miles so we found another trail nearby that was just over 2 miles, the idea of hiking less time than we were driving just wasn't ideal so a split hike it was.

And the De-Stashing continues...

The past few years a lot has changed in life, one of those being trying to live with less.  Odd that it took moving into a house that is twice the size of our apartment to realize how enjoyable living space  was.  I've parted with kitchen items that weren't being used, clothes, movies, but my needlework has just been rearranged.  Then inherited mom's stash, my aunt's stash, stash explosion.