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Linen Band Sampler Finish

I made a few changes but I can finally call this one finished. This was a piece I started with my old EGA chapter in Michigan in 1999 when the design was released and now I just need to find hardware to hang it as a bellpull on the wall.  Linen Band Sampler - Cross N Patch The bottom hardanger section was intended to have more decoration between the bars but I decided to leave them as they are.  Some of the designs included just were not coming out as well as I wanted so this has been sitting since early last year when I did the cutwork, with all the different stitches and colors in the bands, there is plenty going on with this one that I'm ok with leaving the bottom a little more simple than was originally intended.  Linen Band Sampler - Cross N Patch Also, the new moon is time for the Totally Useless Stitch along hosted by Daffycat where we share our ORT containers from the past month.  This month I have a foldable jar that was stitched by my mom,

New to me Canvas

I've been part of EGA for years, first with my Chapter in Michigan and then after things settled in Oregon I joined Cyberstitchers but I've never been happy with the format. I like the Face to Face meetings to share what we're working on and talk which doesn't translate for me with the internet-based group. This Monday I finally made it to a local EGA meeting and as an added bonus they had stash for sale, my favorite kind of meeting. Haha! From what I was told, someone local passed away and had a huge stash of canvas.  Her family gave it all to the chapter to sell to raise funds for programs, education, or whatever else might be needed to continue to further learning in needlearts so I got a great deal on a few canvases. This pair even came with thread, some lovely wool and silk/wool blends.  One will be the cover for the stool that goes with my old Singer Treadle machine and the other will cover a storage footstool that used to be my mom's.  The fabric on bo