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Here is another WIP I've been working on here and there and I haven't shown any recent progress photos of. This is the project that made the trip across country with me in March and then I kept at the apartment in the weeks before I physically moved all my "stuff" in so I had something to stitch if we watched a movie.

The photo doesn't show the colors well at all, next time I take a photo I'll have to pray for good sunlight so I won't have to use the flash. The year, for example, is a Bijoux which is a thin metallic and its a red/black color. I'm still not too sure on that yellow, it is screaming bright in comparision to the other colors in this piece. For now it will stay and see how it looks once everything is done, the rest of the stitching may tone it down a bit, we'll see :)


  1. So what pattern is this? That yellow is undeniably bright, but surely the designer had something in mind. I'm anxious to see what that is!

  2. Ooo, that is my favorite IR design! Thanks for sharing - it is inspiring me to start it - I kitted it up ages ago...hmmm... wonder if I can slide it into my rotation somehow. Yours looks great!

  3. So far, I just love it and can not wait to see even more of it!! Great stitchign!


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