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And we return

We haven't done a lot lately, the most recent was a trip up to Mt Hood. It was 70 degrees at Timberline and they were making snow anyway, I just have to figure out where the photos are. In the mean time here are a few from a hike we took with friends on the Washington side of the Columbia River. A beautiful wooded trail, don't ask me which one I haven't a clue =) We were going to one place and realized how difficult the hike was we headed up the road a bit to another that looked like a hike we were up for. Of course it was still a huge ordeal for me the queen of not in shape. Were it my choice I would have whimped out half way in, it was a pretty steep hike in a few areas and my hiking shoes aren't broken in enough so my feet were tired, then add in the fact that I stupidly took my regular purse along so I could carry water without realizing how heavy water is, next time I'm taking a nice backpack or something.