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Happy Halloween

My anniversary today so I'm slothing around the house and resisting the urge to clean or do much of anything else, sounds like a good plan for the day when I've got the house to myself.  Jay will be home later and is looking forward to passing out candy to all the children that we see no day other than on Halloween...  I really hope they're all just driving from a few of the nearby apartment complexes, if not its a bit disturbing that I've seen no more than a dozen kids since we moved in. For a bit of stitching I have something of my mom's to share, I just started the next Sheep Virtue and only have the border which isn't very exciting.

October Smalls

Smalls, seems all I'm doing lately are smalls. I'm pleased the holidays are in sight as for me it usually means extra time to curl up in my chair with a movie and hopefully a few stitches on some of my larger projects.   For today, I have 2 smalls I've been working on.  

October TUSAL and Progress

I finished Friendship so its on the ironing board to be pressed, instead of starting the next sheep  I dug another small project out to attempt to finish.  This is the Violet Roll by Terri Richards which has mostly some backstitching to do and not much else.   As this one is small I'm hoping to have it finished quickly enough so I can get it out of the pile.  Nothing says ideal place to stitch quite like my desk during my lunch at work, ha!

Finally, some framing

I seem to have one major flaw with my stitching, besides it taking 12 years to finish an 8x10 design because I got distracted by lint, I never seem to get the finishing completed.  Either the delicate stitching to assemble a box or scissors case or framing, when I finally do get things done they gather somewhere and collect dust. Since we moved west I have been looking for an affordable framer only to be met with quotes of near $500 for a relatively small piece, I've framed one myself but finding a ready made frame deep enough for the fabric to be stretched isn't always easy either. The local Joanne's was having a super sale on framing so I decided it was time to give them a try, they didn't disappoint which was a nice change from the locations in Michigan.

Shopping, who me?

Well, in my defense I was having a bit of a slump with getting anything stitching related accomplished so what better way to help with motivation than buying more stash? Wait, that's not quite how its supposed to work.  Oh well, too late.