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Poirot Finish

FINALLY got Poirot finished last night at Sit and Stitch. There's a lot of open canvas left on this which is a change from the last 2 pieces, the photo on the pattern actually looks as if there is silver fabric behind the piece that shows through the open holes which I likely will have the finisher do if/when I send this one off. I'm still undecided on that one, it's not THAT difficult to finish an ornament but I'm still not that confident of my finishing skills to be cutting up canvas and risk a wrong cut and ruining the whole piece. We'll see... I also have Mojave here waiting to be finished, I was waiting until after the holidays to send anything off since I really wasn't worried about having it for Christmas this year

More Lizzie

Well she's just become Miss popularity. First she's on TV, now her story has won a contest through Petfinder. I am happy to say I finally got a copy of Lizzie's appearance thanks to some random person with better technology than I have. The calm you see is a lie, she's playing the camera to get everyone to send her food as if she's starving.  Don't believe it.