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And then there were 2

For years we've had 3 miniature dachshunds in our home, 2 older dogs and one we got as a puppy to help the older dogs understand how to be dogs.  Lizzie, the black and tan came from a puppy mill and was terrified of us, and just about everything around here.  She'd get upset and chew through the leg of a coffee table in a few minutes out of sheer terror over simple things like the door bell or a new sound on TV.  Together the three of them were like watching a pack of velociraptors as they're described in Jurassic park, they moved around the house as a pack seeking snacks and world domination.  I would be in the kitchen and one would be in front of me trying to push me to step back and the other 2 would be behind me to trip me so I'd drop whatever food I had.