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358hx123w and cut what?

I'm sooo confused.  Went to the LNS to get fabric for a few things and I'm completely at a loss with the October Box, I know it may make more sense to me once I get it stitched up but at the moment...  Stitch count is 358x123 over 2 on 32 ct fabric and its telling me to cut 8x18. I put it into the numbers into my fabric calculator and it tells me it should be closer to 12x26  All I can sort out is parts of it are done over 1 so they're giving me stitch count over 1 but without saying it.  I was in a complete state of worry the fabric was not right.

Yay for the end of the short week

Of course next week will be a short week for me as well as I have New years eve and day off so another 3 day week, hopefully with there being no full moon it won't feel like its twice as long as it really is when I get back to work on Wednesday. Today a bit more progress on Quaker Sewing Treasures.  For being 1 over 1 this is moving along much faster than expected, I got my lap cloth out so the holes show up better so I'm not spending as much time trying to find where to stab my needle.  This is the result of about 2 hours of stitching last night, 4 more sides of the octagon complete and for something different I decided to start on the motif inside which has leaves and a bird, quarter added to the shot for scale to properly show just how tiny this really is.

And on to the needlebook

When I pulled out Quaker Needlework Treasures to start I had this nice sense of how quickly this should be completed.  A lot of small designs for the pieces, this should be quick and easy.. uh huh.  Then I started really reading the directions... over 1.. the whole thing. Took a moment to cry, said bad things to the chart and got started.  I'm pleased to say that at least its all one color so progress is better than expected.

Christmas Eve At Last

Ahh indeed, while Christmas won't be a grand affair here I'm looking forward to another day to relax with my husband and have some quality time with my needle and thread.  I did manage a bit of progress since yesterday, I spent the evening with Quaker Needlework Treasures and nearly completed another section. Left to go X, Y and Z with a heart on either side.  The first few stitches are in on the left heart but it was late and my eyes were tired from all the over one stitching so it was set aside before I made a mistake that left me frogging over one stitching.

Blanket beyond help

I had high hopes after finding the disaster of cut work on the Christening blanket that I would be able to salvage what was done and be able to complete it.  I spent a good bit of time over the last 2 nights looking at the work done and counting out the stitches to see exactly what went wrong to determine if it could be repaired and I have to say I'm of the mind that its now destined to become scrap, clip the boarder and use the fabric in the center for something else.

Over one all the way

Got a start on Quaker Needlework Treasures yesterday. Its several small pieces so the cloth is basted to mark them out and I got a start on the scissor fob.  As I was working last night I stopped and glanced over the whole chart for this and had a big sigh moment realizing the entire thing seems to be over 1 thread... not one of my favorite things to do so this piece may take a bit to complete. I will need enough good light so I can stitch it without going blind