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Yeah this has been fun. Ok, not really

So, totally hoping this was not the direction of this ride.  Can someone tell the operator I want off?  I went from working 3 days per week, to back to a normal shift with overtime. A few more weeks and they sent me home with all my hardware so my commute is down to 32 seconds.  Traffic still sucks, only now its dogs following me and complaining I am not sharing breakfast. This is what I have to put up with, I'm being judged for not sharing a banana.   We also have an afternoon dinner dance every day.  It starts around 2:30pm and dinner is served at 5pm.  Riley is perpetually starving and may die at any moment despite having plenty extra snacks stored on his fuzzy butt. Stitching has been moving along. I've got all the stitching in on Ambrosia honey and am now on to the beading and a few details. Beading is taking a while, I'm reworking how the beads are applied. The model piece photographed for Needlearts, the beads look jumbled and messy to me.  I like