If it's not baroque, don't fix it

Ok that was a bit cheesy, its a line from Disney's Beauty and the Beast that comes to mind everytime I think about the name of this piece though.

Here is some more progress on it from the past few evenings. I had planned to finish the blue and then move on to the squares but my urge to do something different got the better of me and I decided stitching the squares for something different was better than forcing myself to do the other blue sections which at the time didn't sound like nearly as much fun ;) I decided to finish this "side" and then rotate the canvas instead. I was also dying to do that spiral stitch you see in the light blue. So far I think I'm doing well for completing this one this month to meet my goal.


  1. It is the laugh and the wiping of the tear after that line that always makes me chuckle. This piece looks awesome! I just love the colours.

  2. I am loving watching this piece come together! I am a big fan of Jean Hilton's work. One day, I will do one just to satisfy my craving!! Can't wait to see this one done!

  3. It is looking just lovely! You are doing a fantastic job on it!!! Personally, I like the cheesy line, I got a laugh out of it!!!

  4. Your post title gave me a huge laugh :D Love Baroque's progress, it's looking great :)

  5. Great piece. Looks like a fun one.

  6. Absolutely beautiful-great work!


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