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Busy Busy!

Yes I have been stitching in the past week despite not posting. A lot happened last week between spending time with Indiana to help him adjust to his new home and my mom having surgery so I was kept away from the computer a lot. When I did have time to post Indiana decided that computer time just wasn't acceptable and jumped on my lap only to lay right in front of the keyboard on my desk... maybe he's part cat?

A Non-Stitching Weekend

I am happy to say I've finally gotten myself a pup of my own :) This is Indiana, he's 4 and I got him from a rescue in Indiana. He had a different name *cough* but since he wasn't answering to it and I didn't like it we kinda changed it :) Here he is being the ferocious, not really  Hope you all had great weekends!

The End is Near! : )

I've been making great progress on my pig here since I finally sat down and started working on the parts that didn't excite me so much like the back stitching to outline everything. I just have the hat and some filling in on the legs on the body of him. Once I get the hat in I may start on the background as that should be rather quick, its an open diagonal stitch that should work pretty fast since I'm stitching over 8 canvas threads. I couldn't be happier with the backstitch though. Its a wrapped backstitch, basically you back stitch then go back and weave through each stitch once, the result is the nice smooth curved line you see here. I really haven't devoted that much time to my stitching lately like I should, the weather has been nice so I've been out working in the yard and I'm looking, endlessly it seems for a dog, I've decided its time for one of my own. Hope everyone has a happy Wednesday :)

Scissor Case Happy Dance

And my happy dance!! This should have been done days ago but I've been goofing off instead of stitching on my lunches at work. Now back to working on my Bent Creek pieces that I've neglected in my need to start a new project

Something different

I've decided to do pull out pig to work on for a change. There isn't a whole lot left to do, the black areas and finishing bits on the shirt and face. The background on this piece is a nice open diagonal stitch to allow the paint to show through which I'm looking forward to stitching, quick and easy once I get to that point. If I can stop getting distracted by everything else I want to do I might have this one done soon.