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Finishing done...

Finally got to some finishing last night. The needleroll just seemed too easy for me to leave it laying on the sewing table for months.  Yes, I even did the hemstitching that I whine about.  Its done, it looks adorable and next time I might be a bit less hesitant to hemstitch. And as long as I was going I got a couple of these finished as well. The other two are stitched together, both are going to be stuffed but I haven't gotten to stuffing and closing them. While I was digging around for fabric I came across this old project that I apparently gave up on while finishing it. I am at a loss what to do with it now as the canvas has been cut along the edges leaving an awful rough edge to try to cover up and make it look nice. Anyone got any ideas on this one? I am thinking about some wide trim and just folding it over the edge and stitching it down but I'm not sure how that's going to look either.

New Stash!

Isn't shefabulous? :) Found her in a clearance pile in one of the stores I was at and just HAD to have her. Looking at this pic I now realize why shops are so eager to tape my canvases for me, notice the well placed advertising they've managed for themselves in this pic. Another of Patricks Woods designs. Not sure why I am constantly compelled to buy these as I HATE assembling but they are just so cool :) Besides this one has minimal stitching and some decorative beading, that's all. Yep, more of the same idea here too. This one is considerably more likely to get done as the finishing isn't quite so involved. Oh who am I kidding... I still haven't "finished" the punch needle ornaments I finished months ago :) Oh well... I'm having fun stitching them and that's what's important right?

Home again

I'm back after a nice long week off . Now before you go looking for all these fabulous pictures of things I managed to finish while I was away let me just say... well I haven't got anything to say on that. 

Another Finish

Another one down! YAY! This is Thisbe's Needleroll all finished and I even did the hemstitching yesterday despite my dislike of it ;) There is a ribbon that will go throughh the withdrawn thread area at the top and bottom after I sew it up but I probably won't get to that until after Thanksgiving as I'll be out of town starting on Saturday and won't be back until the following Saturday.

Pillow Finished

Finally, my Homespun pillow is complete. I think at most I need to block it a bit, most likely I will be lazy and mist it with some water and toss it in the dryer on low with the pillow form inside. My needleroll is nearly complete. The design is all stitched, but silly me had forgotten the part about hemstitching which as far as I'm concerned is a dirty word ;) Last time I had hemstitching to do I talked my aunt into doing it for me and I did some work she wasn't so excited about on a piece of hers. But I'm sooo close,  I really must make an attempt at hemstitching. Once I actually do it I'm sure it won't be so bad, I think if I press the folds a bit it will be easier as well as the one time I tried I got angry because the linen kept shifting on me.