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Indiana is quite vocal when he hears music. We have yet to determine exactly what common factor there is between the things that set him off but most often its piano. This little bit was recorded yesterday when he decided to sing along with something we were watching on TV and its just too funny to not have recorded at least once ;)

Progress updates

Thursdays have traditionally been a night to go to sit and stitch but every other one is at JT Stitchery in Rockford which was a good long drive from where I lived before, it's even LONGER from where I live now. By the time I get home, get the pups fed and out for a bit it's just not worth the drive. Add to that the weather is now warm so our other "season" in Michigan, construction season, has started and I'd be lucky to get there before everyone is ready to leave so those Thursdays are now mine to be home with the pups and do... pretty much whatever. Linen band sampler that I forgot to upload yesterday is coming along as well. The cross stitch band is finished as you can see and I got two more bands in, finally able to do something besides a shade of beige on this one :) I must have 10 different balls of perle cotton in this bag but it seems like I keep having to pull the same 4 which was getting a bit dull. I did notice Emie Bishop likes to stick to a