Such a hard life

Now I completely wish I had this problem. Indy here, spent a long hard night sleeping, jabbing his feet into my back to try to steal the bed and chewing on toys at ungodly hours of the night. He is infact, so worn out that after breakfast he felt the need to overtake the recliner and have a nice morning nap. He looks real put out doesn't he?? hee hee Maybe he's mad because there is no pillow? Actually he's probably a bit annoyed at the camera flashing in his face and waking him from his nap but he just looked too cute there to not take a picture *grin* I think naps need to be mandatory. A nice mid-morning nap.. close the office and everybody nap, yes I think that would work nicely. If I'm real lucky I'll sleep like I normally do and wake up in time to go home for the day ;)


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