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French Market Bag Progress

Progress is being made, 1 ply or aran wool is much slower than the worsted I'm used to working with.  I have 8 of 9 inches on the main body done so hopefully I'll have this finished up and ready to felt by the end of the week. have not gotten anywhere else with the rest of my projects other than an hour of work on Fine China only to manage to get 3 web roses done with the dog demanding attention the whole time, love him but he really can be a test when I'm trying to stitch. For all the running in the yard and squirrels being chased he should come inside and pass out but no, he gets more energized when he comes in from running around like a lunatic and finally crashes when I go to bed, perhaps I need a second so he has someone to keep him company and its not always me.

Just what I needed., no really!

Ok so maybe need was not the correct word here. But come on now, they were on sale cheap and they were just sitting there begging me to take them home. Actually the store I picked these up at is getting ready for the Spring Sidewalk Sale so they were 5 charts for $5 so I spent a total of $10 here, one chart was for mom. Now I just need to not work so I have time to do all this. Perhaps if I picked up a needle more often I might make some progress as well... M Designs Needleroll and Alphabet Sampler Some Christmas books from Leisure Arts Thistle Threads - Snowflakes Holiday Treasured Jewels from Mill Hill Too Tiny Samplers from Drawn Thread No Rest for Elves from Marilynn and Jackie

Hardanger Angel

Alrighty then. Finished and ready for assembly. Now I find myself with the additional challenge of how to fit the head of the angel through the TINY hole that it has. Not sure how this is going to work as its crossed my mind to break the thing at the neck and glue it back together once its in place but that really wouldn' t be my best option. The rest of it should be quite simple I just need to thread a ribbon though.