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Holiday Greetings

I realize I have been awful about keeping up my blog here. Truth is I haven't put more than a dozen stitches in anything since the move because everything else has kept me so busy. I got a new job which is very demanding on my time for now and with all the places there are to see here we haven't stayed home on the weekends much at all. Living here has also not been without its problems... First Lizzie had her dental surgery when I last posted, she lost 16 of her teeth, she healed up fine and still eats dry food and crunchy treats much to my amazement even though several people told me it would happen once she healed. Then there was a day a few weeks ago, I was driving to visit a prospective client and saw the sign big as life "PET STORE" Pet stores here sell all pets for the most part; there is one particularly nasty smelly one that sells dogs that are obviously from puppy mills if you watch the odd behavior and see the number that are sick. I of course had to check t