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My husband... the enabler

I have 2 sewing machines in the house, one beautiful old Singer treadle circa 1901 or so and a very basic Kenmore machine that has been my bane since I got it home so I've never done much in the way of sewing. I have a huge pile of finishing and wanted a place to work on it so I told 'Santa' I would like a sewing table. I'm not a fan of shop online for things like this, I want to see it to make sure it's sturdy so I've been all around town to see if I could find floor models to check out which have been slim for some odd reason. Today we went out after the sales were over and the black Friday crowds were heading home and on a whim stopped in a sewing shop near the house and just like a room full of sparklies I had to look at the machines. This beauty was a classroom machine so it was 50% off and despite me waffling I walked out with a new sewing machine. It does embroidery and more sewing stitches than I will probably ever use but I'm actually excited to u

Blackwork Fantasy Garden Update

Yesterday was cold and dreary leaving me with little motivation for the cleaning I should be doing before the holiday. After getting the stash sorted out in its new home I dug Blackwork Fantasy Garden out for a bit of work,  that turned into most of the evening. Several of the small blackwork motifs are in along with more of the color fill on the knot design.  As much as filling in the knot design is easier and faster, I'm trying to keep up on the blackwork as well so I'm not stuck with a whole design of blackwork that I have no real design to finish at the end