Finally... some order :)

And finally, now that I've stopped goofing off ;) I can show you what the disaster on the last post SHOULD look like :)

That contraption in front of the couch is my stitching stand, pay no attention to that. It would take far too long to take apart each night so it just hangs out there and pretends to be furniture. Indy doesn't much care about the fact that things are livable, he's just glad to have his chair back, he is under the blanket in the recliner having his after breakfast nap hee hee

Here is the reverse view of the kitchen area. Yes my countertops is really that clean, I hate "stuff" on my horizontal surfaces, it makes cleaning take way too long and that's just not acceptable. Having said that I'm waiting for the comment from Jay telling you that it most certainly did *not* look like that when he left for work this morning. No, indeed it didn't, but it does now as I've been cleaning this morning :)

Stay tuned when next week Kimberly will attempt to make the office presentable enough for pictures. *whistling innocently* My desk is a perpetual disaster because I've gone from a huge oversized thing with enough storage for a small family to a normal sized, much nicer looking desk. Yeah, yeah, I'm working on it :)


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