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A busy... spring?

Looking back, I grumble about the spring delay every year.  To be fair, hail and snow were not in the brochure for March when we moved to the Northwest.  I was told tales of wearing sweatshirts on the patio in February and all around mild winters.  Mother nature seems to have changed her mind.  On the upside I'm getting a lot of work done on the afghan I started to go on the couch.  Yes, I started yet another project when I have several dozen things to keep me busy. It was a necessity to get the white/pink/pale green blanket stolen from the dogs that is currently covering it to protect it from dirty dog feet.   I'm not really sure where my brain was when I was shopping for a new couch, the one I liked that fit the space and budget came in chrome and dark grey or I had to wait many weeks for a custom made one in another fabric for more money of course. Knowing it would be against a darker wall and the chairs in the room are dark, I went for chrome which it turns out is a bit