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A Nantucket Basket

I first learned needle crafts from my mom when I was in elementary school.  She had always been crafty with knitting and crochet but a friend had taught her cross stitch and this was far more interesting to me than knitting, I could make a picture with thread.   Over the years through EGA and local shop groups we learned many different techniques and gathered a stash that in all honesty we could have used as a starting point for our own shop. When she passed in 2009 I brought home some of her piles of her stash, my aunt was living with her and she still stitched so I tried to take only my favorites.  My aunt passed in 2014 so I had to go through it all,  even more stash followed me home.  Among the 6 large suitcases of charts, fabric and supplies I hauled home  were a few of the last projects my mother worked on that I wanted to see through to completion.  Despite all the expletives spoken for the choice of stitch she made on the outside, I was finally able to sit down on the 4th o

Counting Sheep

Seems I missed sharing some of my Sheep Virtues as they were finished.  I got wrapped up with other things and forgot to share them as they were completed.