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Its Monday Already?

Ok Lets start with my progress on the Linen Band Sampler. Coming along nicely, I believe that is band 25 I'm working on right now. These bands are a whole 2 1/2 inches wide so most of them don't take too long to work. The bottom row, however, needs to be frogged as I noticed that I was off by a thread when I was taking the picture which knocks it out of alignment by 2 thread on the right side.

The weekend is here

Well this has been an incredibly dull week here on my blog. I'm happy to report that the gifty I am working on should be done so I can get back to my regular stitching and picture posting. The project I'm working on is free hand embroidery, first there was finding a photo to work from since I couldn't find a design I liked, then I had to find a fill stitch I like the look of because the long and short stitch I usually do to fill wasn't working for a larger design like this one. I don't have anything planned for Saturday and nothing will be open after I leave mom's on Sunday so I should be able to finish this and get it in the mail, I hope. :) Hope everyone has a Happy Easter! Over on the side bar you'll see a new thing, a nice purple button. The link takes you to a site that helps provide food for shelter animals. All you have to do is follow the link and click and it provides approximately .6 of a bowl of food per click funded by the advertisers. Not a

Yet Another

Quilt that is, the other a king sized quilt, this one is more of a full/queen size. Again, not a quilter so I have not a clue on the name of this particular block either. After talking with Jay he said this might actually be a bit older than his original guess of the 40's... his grandmother was born around 1900. As you can see Indy is here helping out by supervising the whole process, Lizzie kept trying to walk all over it so she is off somewhere else trying to find trouble Again the other side here. Indy apparently lost interest in the whole process and ran off to shred yet another of his toys into a pile of stuffing and a piece of rag :)

I Wish

I wish I could say I've been toiling to make this quilt but I didn't. This behemoth was made by Jay's grandmother and aunt, his best guess somewhere in the 1940's. I have it here in 2 halves, I don't have enough space anywhere in the apartment that I could fully open this thing to take a full photo and its raining so outside isn't such a good idea ;) I honestly don't do THAT well with a basic sewing project much less a full quilt, I don't even know the name of this particular design so if anyone does please enlighten me :) I am almost done with my gift, once I figured out what stitch would work its actually moving along quite quickly so I should have that done in a day or so and get it sent off so I can post photos without worrying about it being spotted and ruining the fun of a surprise. ----------------------