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First Finishes of the year

Not the most amazing photo but still a finish just the same.  Of the Dodecagons I have, there is now only Arcadia left, then I can get them all finished.  I'm still hoping to frame them for the wall but then I realize I have a finite number of walls in the house.   How strange would it look if I started hanging things above the bookcases along the vaulted ceiling? Hmm... I also managed to get some finishing done this weekend, and a nice burn for my index finger when I had a brain lapse using my Clover mini iron. The barrel of the clover iron is just as hot if not hottr than the ironing surin casencase you were wondering. This is This too shall Pass. I did make some minor changes from the original on the dates chosen, the designer used the dates of her cancer diagnosis and remission after treatment.  I chose to use my mom and my aunt's shared first initial and the year I lost each to cancer. Lesson learned, measure the kit fabric to make sure both sides measure t