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What happened to Spring??

It was a trick, the oldest trick, and I fell for it... Ok not really, I fall for this trick of the weather every year. We get that first warm up and I'm ready to hit the ground running outside and then 'surprise' just kidding, we have more cold and wet weather. To be fair, our cold weather is not anything compared to what the rest of the country is dealing with but I still have at least one more garden to dig. In the mean time I've managed to get some stitching done,  the Lee Tiger was near complete but my shoulder is a bit sore from all the digging so I had to put down the stand I have for canvas.  In its place, something that I thought would be faster and its proved otherwise, the Drawn Thread Sampler of Stitches.

Lingering WIPs and TUSAL

TUSAL, the totally useless stitch along.  Its one stitch along I can almost manage to hit every month, except when I don't or when I'm late as I am this month. I've looked back at all the past posts, I've not cleaned this thing out since at least January of 2014.