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Rose Pincushion progress

Isn't amazing how much you can get done when you actually pick up a needle?!? I took my newly found UFO out today to work on and its almost done and I'm nearly blind, ok not really. This is a kit done on 25ct black Lugana over 1 thread, and is then finished into a pincushion.

Stitch Markers

I've been wanting some of the cool beaded stitch markers but I have yet to find any in the stores that I can say i really like and some are downright obscene for pricing.  Happy day, I found directions online for something I should have been able to figure out myself so now I have many sets of stitch markers for my knitting.   I made them in 3 sizes so I had at least a lame excuse to make a pile of them, plus when I have 4 knitting projects started and not finished I will still have some markers available for me to start more knitting projects that I might finish. Oh, what?

Felted Mini Tote

A quick weekend project. Mom made of one of these for my niece and someone saw it and asked if she would be able to make 2 for a set of twins she knew and the birthday party is in 2 weeks. What should have been a simple project turned into a race between us to see who would finish first. We won't get into who won but here is the finished product. Mine is the red one. Both are done with Lambs Pride worsted weight yarn and Lion Brand accent yarn. The red is FunFetti and the Pink is Fancy Fur. The Pattern is for the Mini Felted Tote from Non-Stop Knits Before Felting After Felting Perfect size for a little girl purse finished and felted they were approximate 6x6 

New Yarn...

Nature Wool that I found on Saturday that will be perfect to make the French Market bag from Knitty. I can't wait. I have to get the Twice as Nice bag done first though, its a gift and if I get this started it may well get tossed completely aside. The wool is hand dyed so the variations in color that appear in the photo are really there.  It should give a really nice effect on the finished bag once its felted, I'm expecting more of a mottled appearance.

Canvas "Enhancement"

That's what they call it but what fun it was. We took this class from Kathy Fenchel at Homestead Needle Arts in Grand Blanc and Twinkle Pig here was the canvas I chose to work on. You send a copy of the canvas ahead to the teacher to come up with a selection of threads and stitches to use. So far I've got a few layers of ruffle in on her skirt and the smyrna crosses on her shirt. I would have had more done but I was watching what was happening on the other canvases as well. I also got 2 knitting projects done and am just putting the "finishing touches" on them both.