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A Day on the Mountain

Weather reports were conflicting so we took a chance based on a look at the radar that the weather was going to hold for a hike today on Mt Hood.  Since there was a good chance it would rain we went for a hike in the trees so we would at least have the canopy and not be in the open rain the whole time.  

What to say?

Its been a week where I've managed to make myself miserable without meaning to.  Saturday was heavy rain so we couldn't hike so we went to the gym for some strength training.  The weather was clear on Sunday and I realized half way through the elevation part of the climb that I'd strained a muscle which took until Tuesday to really feel better. This wasn't as bad as straining my calves the first hike where I wasn't able to walk properly for 3 days but it certainly wasn't fun since it was my thigh muscles.  

A hike to the sea

The weather has been warming so we decided to go to the coast for a trail to hike this weekend, setting on the 5.5 mile hike at Cape Falcon.  We tried this trail before but it was still early so the trail was too muddy to properly hike unless I wanted to risk losing a shoe when my foot sunk in.  

A day on the trail

It's really random how we discovered hiking could be enjoyable, we were at the coast and tide was rolling in so there wasn't a lot to do if we didn't want to sit on the beach and watch the water.  On past visits we were able to walk out a good distance on the sand and see tidal pools, waterfalls coming down on to the beach, not on this day.  Since we drove the hour out we decided to poke around at the trails and see where they led and soon found ourselves half way up a mountain.  The view was amazing and we realized now that we weren't smoking it was manageable so we made plans to go the next weekend on one of the trails along the Columbia river that we knew promised beautiful scenery. That was mid February and we've been out every weekend to see what else we can discover. This weekend was a return trip to a trail we love, Eagle Creek.

Going to the dogs

We don't have children, when I was at an age I wanted them I had a severe back injury and then my life changed and it wasn't a time to bring a child into the world with my life.  Instead we have our dogs while not the same, they certainly keep us entertained. The first to join us was Indiana. I was divorced, moved back in with my mom to get things sorted out and we had lost our family dog a year earlier.  Mom got another dog that fit mom's relaxed lifestyle perfectly, she liked to lounge and nap and I missed an active dog.  After a bit of searching and many rescues telling me no because the yard wasn't completely fenced, I found Indiana.