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At the top of Angel's Rest

Finally a clear weekend that we felt climbing up for a viewpoint would be worth it and Angel's Rest did not disappoint for view, the overall hike wasn't as enjoyable as others we've done unfortunately. I got off to a bad start with this hike, I really don't like the hassle of dealing with a water bottle and I seem to drink like mad on hikes so we invested in camelbak packs with 3L water bladders.  3L might seem like overkill for our average hikes but I thought it better we get the larger size, we can always fill it less than full but if we had a 1 or 2L we couldn't fill it any fuller than its capacity. Great for convenience but I failed to consider the extra weight that water would be in my pack... just wow.

This is not the trail I've been looking for

The weather here seems bent on preventing us from doing any sort of hike that includes a nice view at the top.  Mid week we'll see partly cloudy for the weekend and by the time the weekend arrives we're clouded over so the hike is a bit pointless so we've been going back over a few we've done to keep moving so this week we went back to our first real hike, Horsetail falls to triple falls.   We both had good thoughts heading out, it was a pretty wooded trail lots of water falls and when we got to triple falls you passed over a rise on the trail and the view opened to an overlook of the falls with an area around the top of the falls where you could walk around the moss covered rocks.  Its amazing how much I remember the positives of something in retrospect and not the stuff that I hated - I might have been blinded by the pain in my calves in my defense.