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Back to Needlecrafts

I've been trying to spend more time working on my needle crafts.  Between the dogs with their health issues, my aunt passing in May, my new-found enjoyment of being in the outdoors and a pinched nerve in my shoulder - the needlework has fallen by the wayside despite me having enough stash to last several lifetimes.  Add on top a considerable amount of projects from the combined stash of my mother and my aunt, it was time to pick up the needle or part with the stash.  I also have new finishes that were not mine, I will try to get some good photos of the finished pieces to share as my mom was amazing at finishing.

Moving right along...

I've been rather quiet the past few months, so much has happened that I could never quite make myself pause long enough to compose something new.  Actually, that has been the trend all year. It started with me and a pinched nerve in my back, next came Indiana losing his motor control on his back half for the final time in his life.  Got my problem sorted out, Indiana is going to acupuncture and has his cart so he can get around and is as hyper as ever.  I thought this would be it for a while, that was a pipe dream as things were just warming up.