Sewing Kit Update and a New Dodecagon!

I spent a good part of Sunday at my sewing table trying to get this set finished for my Mom's birthday this week. I did manage 2 out of the 3 so I guess that's not bad.

After all was done stitching wise I cut them apart to begin the assembly. The biscornu was easy enough, same with the needle book. The scissor sheath however, I believe I invented new ways to express my displeasure with things with the scissor sheath. I cut the lining according to the pattern provided and when I matched it to the stitch, surprise it didn't fit right. I go back and check the specifics on the design only to find out that it is supposed to be on 32ct linen not the 28 I've used *sigh* I should have known better, I checked a few stores online to see if one would tell me what fabric was needed so I could have it and have it ready when the chart arrived and the one I found stated 28ct.

Oh well, and that has nothing specific to do with my frustration with the scissor sheath actually. Both sides are linen, I have tried and cannot get 2 pieces to MATCH! Sewing is not my specialty, never has been but this is beyond frustrating. I'm considering stitching a new one and finishing it some other way but I haven't the first clue how. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

On a more fun note this arrived on Friday! I was hoping I'd see this one sooner rather than later, this was one of the ornaments pictured in the ad that was in Needlepointers and I think the blues are fabulous. Ok, except for that Marlitt, I've never chosen to stitch with that before because its such a slippery thread and that just never struck me as any fun, but as I sat laying the threads out for the photo it was actually snagging on the canvas so I hope it doesn't cause too much problem when stitching with it.

I probably will not be starting this one right away, I need to finish mom's present and I have a few more things I really should get done that I should hold myself too before I start a new project, we'll see how that goes


  1. Ooooh, beautiful colors on the latest dodecagon! Sorry to hear of your finishing woes. I wish I could offer some helpful tips, but I prefer to work with evenweave so I don't know anything about trying to match up two cuts of linen. Best of luck!

  2. Oh your mom will love it, but as far as the scissors case goes . . . I have no idea!! I just love your new stash, that is just a beautiful piece.

  3. Ooooh! Another canvaswork piece! I love watching your progress on these! Can't wait until you start it! The picture looks gorgeous!

  4. Sorry you had such troubles with your sewing kit. The colors of your new project are really pretty! Have fun with it.


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