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This too shall pass

I thought I had this one finished last April. Had it pressed, ready to finish, then I realized I didn't add the backstitch around the outside which I needed to do the actual finishing. Oops. I was going to do it "this weekend" in April last year so, maybe I meant this weekend in February 2018? If you missed it last time, this was designed by a Cancer survivor and had the year she was diagnosed and in remission, if I remember the info in the chart correctly. I've instead used my mom and aunt's shared first initial and the year I lost each as a more of a memory of them.  Now I just need to sit down and finish it, once I can make some space.  Currently, the dining room table where I sew is buried in threads. Anyone need Rainbow Gallery? I have boxes of threads thank you to my mother who could not pass up a good deal despite her preference to spend time in the shop pulling new threads for the next project. Some should appear in the barren Etsy shop soon, some w

Hometown Holiday Update

First a finish, the first design 'My House' I'm still debating adding something on either side of my last name, it seems a bit thin there with so few letters. This has been sitting near done for quite a while, my life has been crazy the past 6 months with changes to my life I never expected, so my attention has been elsewhere.  I looked at the photo last night to share and realized I had missed the leaves on the ends of the vine so I got that finished up to call this one done. Now that things have calmed down I also have a good amount of progress on the Main street Train Station.  At the moment there is a glaring error in color choice on the roof of the station but I can't make up my mind if I dislike it enough to frog it. It isn't unrealistic to have 2 different materials or colors on the building so I may end up leaving it, I'll decide when I get more done and see how it looks with the whole design. I'm sensing a trend though.  Missed 2 sets o

More stash and a new addition

More stash, did I really need MORE stash? Nope, not at all. I have more than I will likely finish right now and they keep coming out with new things that I love. Turns out all the stuff from my mom's house that I assumed had been donated, is actually in my brother's barn patiently waiting for me.  It started with Thanksgiving, we were visiting and filled our half-empty suitcase with whatever I could grab and set a few things aside. It was to be shipped, eventually, but I didn't really think much more about it. Then December arrived. My uncle was in a bad car accident and as a result, my late mother's dog was now in residence at my brother's house.  She's mostly blind, deaf, and his big dogs were not a good mix so I offered to take her, that's where the stash battle goes off the rails.  Missy is a Shih Tzu and an old one so I flew to pick her up since they don't allow them to ride in Cargo on a plane and its several days of a drive. I was plann