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I actually stitched this a while ago, but in my last move it got packed somewhere it shouldn't have and I've been searching for it ever since.

New Projects

This past weekend I headed down to Chicago with my mom. While we were there for shopping we had to hit all the needlework stores within the area we were staying to see what else is out there that we can't get around home. Its been a while since I've wandered into a needlework store and I just couldn't resist these guys! I have the painted canvas started and will post pictures of that as soon as I can.

Completed Market Bag

This was a free pattern from, French Market bag.  Knitted up with Aran weight wool and perfect for my next knitting project.  Cute as these knitted bags are they really haven't the strength to function as a real bag. Too bad because this would be fabulous to take to the market.