Yeah this has been fun. Ok, not really

So, totally hoping this was not the direction of this ride.  Can someone tell the operator I want off?  I went from working 3 days per week, to back to a normal shift with overtime. A few more weeks and they sent me home with all my hardware so my commute is down to 32 seconds.  Traffic still sucks, only now its dogs following me and complaining I am not sharing breakfast.

This is what I have to put up with, I'm being judged for not sharing a banana.   We also have an afternoon dinner dance every day.  It starts around 2:30pm and dinner is served at 5pm.  Riley is perpetually starving and may die at any moment despite having plenty extra snacks stored on his fuzzy butt.

Stitching has been moving along. I've got all the stitching in on Ambrosia honey and am now on to the beading and a few details. Beading is taking a while, I'm reworking how the beads are applied. The model piece photographed for Needlearts, the beads look jumbled and messy to me.  I like neat beads that a…

And now to dust off the cobwebs

Its been a year, again. I see really good in spring and then life gets away from me and its a free for all.  With the current pandemic around the world, I'm spending a lot more time at home as you might imagine.  It took a few weeks but I finally found my way back to my needle and thread.

Ambrosia honey has been possibly the most enjoyable of the current projects in the pile so I started there.  The starting point and a nice glass of wine because, COVID-19

I started a new job in December and I don't have quite enough tenure to qualify for work from home so I'm at the end of the list, for safety I've been working 3 days per week so they can limit how many people are in the office at once.  The upside to this for me personally was extra time to stitch.

This is really fun to work on, despite there being a lot of compensation where the different designs run into each other. I don't mind compensation and it had been interesting to see colors that looked terrible togethe…

A busy... spring?

Looking back, I grumble about the spring delay every year.  To be fair, hail and snow were not in the brochure for March when we moved to the Northwest.  I was told tales of wearing sweatshirts on the patio in February and all around mild winters.  Mother nature seems to have changed her mind. 
On the upside I'm getting a lot of work done on the afghan I started to go on the couch.  Yes, I started yet another project when I have several dozen things to keep me busy. It was a necessity to get the white/pink/pale green blanket stolen from the dogs that is currently covering it to protect it from dirty dog feet.   I'm not really sure where my brain was when I was shopping for a new couch, the one I liked that fit the space and budget came in chrome and dark grey or I had to wait many weeks for a custom made one in another fabric for more money of course. Knowing it would be against a darker wall and the chairs in the room are dark, I went for chrome which it turns out is a bit of…

WIPocalypse February update

Only a day late and that is because I was fussing with yardage for starting another afghan yesterday and booing at the weather forecast that kept promising a lot of snow which I know will never materialize. If it snows, it really needs to be enough that I get a snow day or at least a work from home day.

Finish it in 2019

After the last WIPocalypse post, I did stumble upon another Stitch along to join that would not cause me the need to start anything new but instead work on what I have already so I could possibly reduce that list of works in progress.  Magical's Finish it in 2019.

I suppose this means I should pick a few, but honestly I will be excited to see the completion of anything on the WIP page so I'll share a few I believe are achievable here.

Ripple Afghan -  This one is done with Caron cakes and I have 1 1/2 cakes left.  With the cold weather we've seen the past few weeks, I should be able to make some good progress towards completion. 

Bird of Happiness Pin Cube - I'm not sure how this one isn't finished? Oh no, yes I do, its over 1.  Only 2 squares have any significant stitching so there still isn't a good reason why this one has sat unfinished so long. 

Twister - I really debated on this one. Ambrosia Honey is more enjoyable to stitch but I really want to see the e…

Winter chill

Today, I am pleased I no longer live in Michigan. The weather I'm seeing through the local news there is beyond words. Wind chill readings below zero, blowing snow, I do not miss any of it.   Out my window I see a lovely blue sky with the sun shining, and its the coldest day of the week, so I'm not loving the weather but we're above freezing.  My feet feel like 2 blocks of ice despite extra warm socks that I would prefer to be curled up in a warm blanket to help them stay warm.   Despite all the cold, the plants remain confused on what to do.  I spotted daffodils on Sunday that are already putting up leaves from the otherwise mild weather here

First finish of 2019

Another year, and another great start with my needlecrafts. To be fair, there wasn't a lot left on this piece but it's done and that is the part that counts.

The Main Street Train Station is #2 in the series that I am way behind on but this is also the small project that I usually work on in the car and at work so my progress is not always consistent or fast.  This one will now be banished to the finishing pile until I get a few of them that I can finish all at once.

Next up will be the Caroling Quartet, maybe.  I'm not really loving this one that I am considering skipping to something I like better like the sweet shop or the toy store, its difficult to find motivation when the project isn't speaking to you. I have 15 of these so far, it really doesn't matter what order they're done it.

While I ponder this I hope to finish up the Old Italian Sewing set by GPA.  I have all the cross stitch in, I just need to do the blackwork stitching in green that is left and i…