Works in Progress

Yes, I really have this many projects that I consider 'in progress', I don't do UFO's. If I dislike something that much that I know I will never finish it, the project leaves my house.   

In my defense, I didn't start them all. Some are mine, and some were inherited after the passing of my mom and my aunt with whom I shared many great years of stitching and learning with our local EGA chapter, ANG Chapter, and at EGA National Seminar.  It seemed a wonderful way to remember all the years shared, to finish a few of the last projects they had to leave unfinished.  Yes, I know the idea is to actually finish the projects. Umm, I'm pacing myself?

Blackwork Fantasy Garden - Ink Circles

Bittersweet – Jane Nicholas Stumpwork on silk (mom)

Twister – Patricia Spencer

Sew Tote-ly Lovely – Janice Love (mom)

Quaker Needlework Treasures – With My Needle

Sampler of Stitches (A-Z) – The Drawn Thread

Christmas Rose - Jane Nicholas

Old Italian Sewing Set - GPA (mom)

Fair Charlotte Pyn Purse and Accessories (mom)

Berries Sew Sweet - Its Fine-ally Finished

Flights of Fancy Pin Cushion

Bird of Happiness Pin Cube

Ambrosia Honey

Hometown Holiday 

Ripple Afghan


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