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August Smalls

There should have been something about food in here but it seems time got away from me.  Summer is winding down so more time is being spent outside tending the last of my summer garden and getting some winter plants into the soil in time to germinate for fall and winter, I had rotten luck with my spring lettuce so I'm hoping for better luck in my fall planting. On the stitching front, I've joined just a few stitch a-longs to help keep me motivated to do some stitching.  With the garden, the canning and everything else they'll help me remember to stop and take some time.

Progress and August TUSAL

Its Monday yay, I think.  Ok I won't lie, I don't mind Monday.  The exception to that being when I have so much going on Sunday I don't get everything finished because I'd love that extra day to do what needs to be done.  This weekend, for one of my weekends when the tomatoes are ripening, was pretty quiet.

IHSW August update

Despite an extremely busy weekend I managed to put needle to fabric and get a few stitches in on a few pieces.  With all I wanted to get done this weekend I'm pleased I was able to sit down and get some stitching in, more pleased I also manged to get some sleep, ha!  Much of Saturday was spent canning and Sunday we were hitting up farm stores and enjoying a Sunday drive in the country.  The farms here in Oregon are in a beautiful area with views of the mountains from most of the fields. 

And that makes 4

I might have broken a personal record for finishes though they've all been small, a finish is still a finish.   Then looking back I realize I've only shared one of them here so lets catch up.

August WIPocalypse

Lets not even lie, until recently my stitching has been neglected. I've barely done a dozen stitches so everything in the pile is overdue on completion and yet I asked for more stash for Christmas last year... yeah, because I so needed more stash. Fast forward to this May, my aunt passed away.  She, along with my mom who passed in 2008 had enough stash to open their own store and a lot of it followed me home much to my husband's dismay. Time to get back to moving the needle and wade through some of the stash. This month's theme for WIPocalypse, my oldest and newest WIP's.

Lost Lake

The weather was supposed to cool a bit this week so we made plans to head out on a hike.  I thought it would be nice to try something new so we picked the Lost Lake Butte trail on Mt Hood. It was quite the drive being on the opposite side of the mountain from the 2 state highways that go to the ski resorts but it when we arrived we were treated to a fantastic view of the mountain