A busy... spring?

Looking back, I grumble about the spring delay every year.  To be fair, hail and snow were not in the brochure for March when we moved to the Northwest.  I was told tales of wearing sweatshirts on the patio in February and all around mild winters.  Mother nature seems to have changed her mind. 

On the upside I'm getting a lot of work done on the afghan I started to go on the couch.  Yes, I started yet another project when I have several dozen things to keep me busy. It was a necessity to get the white/pink/pale green blanket stolen from the dogs that is currently covering it to protect it from dirty dog feet.   I'm not really sure where my brain was when I was shopping for a new couch, the one I liked that fit the space and budget came in chrome and dark grey or I had to wait many weeks for a custom made one in another fabric for more money of course. Knowing it would be against a darker wall and the chairs in the room are dark, I went for chrome which it turns out is a bit of a chameleon.  I got cream and grey yarn, the grey made it look tan, the tan makes it look pale grey so I decided to use both so either it would match both or neither.  It really could go either way. 

Seriously... what color is this? Not chrome. 

I'm a bit less than halfway done with it, I took this photo a few days ago with a very grumpy Riley who had been happily snoozing underneath it, hopefully in the next week or so and I can get back to ignoring my projects and instead spend my free time cleaning up the back yard after a very wet, cold winter. The dogs love the afghan.  Riley keeps curling up in it while I'm working on it (not helpful) and  Missy loves to lay under it which is odd for a dog that normally doesn't burrow.  She had surgery last week to have some bit of nasty removed from her neck so she has been a bit agitated as she recovers, the weight of the afghan when its laid on her settles her down and she will chill next to me on the couch while we watch TV in the evening.  Perhaps I need to try this while grooming her...

Tongue malfunction. hee hee


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