Finish it in 2019

After the last WIPocalypse post, I did stumble upon another Stitch along to join that would not cause me the need to start anything new but instead work on what I have already so I could possibly reduce that list of works in progress.  Magical's Finish it in 2019.

I suppose this means I should pick a few, but honestly I will be excited to see the completion of anything on the WIP page so I'll share a few I believe are achievable here.

Ripple Afghan -  This one is done with Caron cakes and I have 1 1/2 cakes left.  With the cold weather we've seen the past few weeks, I should be able to make some good progress towards completion. 

Bird of Happiness Pin Cube - I'm not sure how this one isn't finished? Oh no, yes I do, its over 1.  Only 2 squares have any significant stitching so there still isn't a good reason why this one has sat unfinished so long. 

Twister - I really debated on this one. Ambrosia Honey is more enjoyable to stitch but I really want to see the end of Twister. It has been on those stretcher bars for far too long, its time to see this one completed.


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