First finish of 2019

Another year, and another great start with my needlecrafts. To be fair, there wasn't a lot left on this piece but it's done and that is the part that counts.

The Main Street Train Station is #2 in the series that I am way behind on but this is also the small project that I usually work on in the car and at work so my progress is not always consistent or fast.  This one will now be banished to the finishing pile until I get a few of them that I can finish all at once.

Next up will be the Caroling Quartet, maybe.  I'm not really loving this one that I am considering skipping to something I like better like the sweet shop or the toy store, its difficult to find motivation when the project isn't speaking to you. I have 15 of these so far, it really doesn't matter what order they're done it.

While I ponder this I hope to finish up the Old Italian Sewing set by GPA.  I have all the cross stitch in, I just need to do the blackwork stitching in green that is left and it will be ready to assemble.


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