And now to dust off the cobwebs

Its been a year, again. I see really good in spring and then life gets away from me and its a free for all.  With the current pandemic around the world, I'm spending a lot more time at home as you might imagine.  It took a few weeks but I finally found my way back to my needle and thread.

Ambrosia honey has been possibly the most enjoyable of the current projects in the pile so I started there.  The starting point and a nice glass of wine because, COVID-19

I started a new job in December and I don't have quite enough tenure to qualify for work from home so I'm at the end of the list, for safety I've been working 3 days per week so they can limit how many people are in the office at once.  The upside to this for me personally was extra time to stitch.

This is really fun to work on, despite there being a lot of compensation where the different designs run into each other. I don't mind compensation and it had been interesting to see colors that looked terrible together in the bag work up so well.  The design took me around the outside and then moved to the center.

I was so excited at this point, there is a honey comb design for much of this area with a large bee laid in that is beaded, yeah I didn't have the pages.  The design was in the EGA Needlearts magazine 2017/2018 so I looked through the magazines, nope.  I'm working on copies so I can mark them up, didn't see them in any of the other copy sleeves.  Gave up and emailed the EGA who is working from home after finding the magazine is not available to order.   They, of course, are working from home.  I kept looking, and looking, and this morning they finally turned up. Apparently I was hiding them from myself? No idea but I have them and now I'm starting the bee, its done in DMC light effects.  I'm not sure there are proper expletives for how much I dislike this stuff.  I'm sure it will be worth it when its done, that's the story I'm going with

Maggie and Riley are completely over this nonsense.  Day naps are interrupted, I'm too noisy, and still dinner isn't on time so they believe I need to be spending more time at work.


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