Winter chill

Today, I am pleased I no longer live in Michigan. The weather I'm seeing through the local news there is beyond words. Wind chill readings below zero, blowing snow, I do not miss any of it.   Out my window I see a lovely blue sky with the sun shining, and its the coldest day of the week, so I'm not loving the weather but we're above freezing.  My feet feel like 2 blocks of ice despite extra warm socks that I would prefer to be curled up in a warm blanket to help them stay warm.   Despite all the cold, the plants remain confused on what to do.  I spotted daffodils on Sunday that are already putting up leaves from the otherwise mild weather here

With all this nice weather, I've managed to make some progress on a project that I can't wait to see the end of. This was in my mom's stash and looked like it would be quick and easy, it seems I will never learn to read the directions first.  But it's coming along and hopefully, I'll have it done by the weekend.  So that means I might have it finished by a weekend next year but really, does it matter which weekend?

I need to dig a few of my larger pieces out when I get this one done or cast it aside in frustration as I miscount another line of confetti stitch. The family room is in a state of transition as I try to find a furniture configuration that works best in the space but this also means my stands are banished to the living room where the lighting is not at all adequate and I hate sitting in a room all by myself.  Soon it will be settled and I can get some work in on my larger canvases before summer arrives and I run outside to enjoy it.


The WIPocalypse question this month is 'What Stitch-Alongs are you participating in this year?'  

At the moment, 3.  The 3 most vague stitch alongs that I've half-heartedly participated in the past few years.  WIPocalypse, TUSAL, and the Hermit stitch along all found on the sidebar.  I might join more but I haven't had time to look.  I will have to look at the rest of the WIPocalypse posts to see what else is out there I haven't found 


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