IHSW August update

Despite an extremely busy weekend I managed to put needle to fabric and get a few stitches in on a few pieces.  With all I wanted to get done this weekend I'm pleased I was able to sit down and get some stitching in, more pleased I also manged to get some sleep, ha!  Much of Saturday was spent canning and Sunday we were hitting up farm stores and enjoying a Sunday drive in the country.  The farms here in Oregon are in a beautiful area with views of the mountains from most of the fields. 

Started with Courage, I was really enjoying the purple and wanted to get the rest of the border in because it makes placing the rest of the design easier when you have the border for reference to count everything out. This is a project I often take with me to work during lunch breaks so easy is better.

Saturday night I finally dragged my stand into the family room and put some time in on Twister.  By the end of Sunday sadly I didn't even complete a wedge. After getting a few rows in I realized it was touching another wedge that had the same stitch and had to frog it so more time went into redoing work than any real progress. On a better note my new chairs finally came in Thursday so I'm getting the new stitching space sorted out.
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