Progress and August TUSAL

Its Monday yay, I think.  Ok I won't lie, I don't mind Monday.  The exception to that being when I have so much going on Sunday I don't get everything finished because I'd love that extra day to do what needs to be done.  This weekend, for one of my weekends when the tomatoes are ripening, was pretty quiet.

Some progress on Twister,  wedge 2 is in and on to the third.  Pace should pick up, provided I actually pick it up to stitch, as the wedges are obviously smaller as I move toward the center.  This wedge is a variation on a paving brick stitch, I really like the fact that its offset by a thread across the design, it adds to the movement in this piece.

Simplicity is started for my next small project.  This is the project I tote to work with me as I can easily toss it in my purse, nothing fun about toting a large project along.  Courage is finished but I need to press it and get a photo to share.

We might be reaching the point where I should empty the ORT jar, but I'm hoping to make it through the end of the year to see how the colors change.  Happily thread isn't picky, I can smash it down to add more to the jar.  Pleased the top layers are finally moving away from the brown/grey motif that was going in here, that was pretty boring.

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