August WIPocalypse

Lets not even lie, until recently my stitching has been neglected. I've barely done a dozen stitches so everything in the pile is overdue on completion and yet I asked for more stash for Christmas last year... yeah, because I so needed more stash. Fast forward to this May, my aunt passed away.  She, along with my mom who passed in 2008 had enough stash to open their own store and a lot of it followed me home much to my husband's dismay. Time to get back to moving the needle and wade through some of the stash. This month's theme for WIPocalypse, my oldest and newest WIP's.

 Twister is my oldest and hopefully soon to be finished. Twister has been a WIP as long as I've had my blog so we're coming up on 9 years.  I've spent a lot of that time over the years since I started this one, alternating between working a bit of the design and calling it rude names for not finishing itself.   Happily I have a new stitching chair on order that works better with the stand I need for this one, that will make working on it easier so I'll have one less reason to ignore it.

And my newest WIP, Faith.  This is the 5th in the Sheep Virtues series from LHN.  Considering the number of projects I have started I really didn't need another WIP but its the perfect size to toss in my purse so I can take it along on a road trip or to work on during my lunch break at work.  With the amount of driving that can happen here on the weekend to get to the perfect spot for a hike, its an ideal time to get a bit of stitching in if I'm not having to navigate us to some off the highway trail head with no signs to hike somewhere not packed with people.  Every bit helps! Thanks for visiting


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