And on to the needlebook

When I pulled out Quaker Needlework Treasures to start I had this nice sense of how quickly this should be completed.  A lot of small designs for the pieces, this should be quick and easy.. uh huh.  Then I started really reading the directions... over 1.. the whole thing. Took a moment to cry, said bad things to the chart and got started.  I'm pleased to say that at least its all one color so progress is better than expected.

The pin cushion front stitching is complete and I've got my start on the largest section, the needlebook

This doesn't look like must but this was at least an hour of stitching and it doesn't really look like I did anything.  The best part about this piece? I cut this off a larger piece of fabric that i had, one of the few non-white pieces I had here in the small fabric stash.  I also picked this fabric for the Alphabet Sampler from Drawn thread.. guess who didn't consider that fact when she was hacking off part of the fabric, yeeahh.

Off to the LNS we go this weekend so I can pick up a new piece of fabric for my Alphabet sampler, hubby won the debate and I'm stitching it up as one complete piece instead of 12 smaller pieces.  I'm also hoping they have a bit more on the Little Sheep Virtues in the shop, at the very least she has the thread and fabric so I can get an idea of the colors and decide if I want to use the recommended fabrics or pick out something else a bit more to taste.

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  1. ALL over-1? You are braver than I am! Yikes on the fabric! Nice to have an LNS close enough to be able to get another piece.


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