Over one all the way

Got a start on Quaker Needlework Treasures yesterday. Its several small pieces so the cloth is basted to mark them out and I got a start on the scissor fob.  As I was working last night I stopped and glanced over the whole chart for this and had a big sigh moment realizing the entire thing seems to be over 1 thread... not one of my favorite things to do so this piece may take a bit to complete. I will need enough good light so I can stitch it without going blind

Here is the scissor fob nearly complete. Itty bitty bird has just a few more rows and my initials go to the left in the open space.  I think, perhaps I will dig out something that is over 2 to mess with during my lunch break, I stare at a computer all day at work so I'm sure the over 1 will just further tire my eyes. This I can save for evenings of weekends when I can pull out the Ott light to minimize frogging from missing holes.


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