Christmas Eve At Last

Ahh indeed, while Christmas won't be a grand affair here I'm looking forward to another day to relax with my husband and have some quality time with my needle and thread.  I did manage a bit of progress since yesterday, I spent the evening with Quaker Needlework Treasures and nearly completed another section. Left to go X, Y and Z with a heart on either side.  The first few stitches are in on the left heart but it was late and my eyes were tired from all the over one stitching so it was set aside before I made a mistake that left me frogging over one stitching.

Then Saturday I went to yet another frame shop in town looking for the mounting board of preference for framing and finally scored a few sheets so I was able to get The Garden Spot Sampler from Indigo Rose framed up. Not real pleased with the photo here, the piece looks crooked from the angle but the rest all had a flare from the flash and its been raining all month so I have no expectation of sun anytime soon.  Went with a simple frame, this piece had so many fun bits I didn't want a fancy frame to compete.


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