Blanket beyond help

I had high hopes after finding the disaster of cut work on the Christening blanket that I would be able to salvage what was done and be able to complete it.  I spent a good bit of time over the last 2 nights looking at the work done and counting out the stitches to see exactly what went wrong to determine if it could be repaired and I have to say I'm of the mind that its now destined to become scrap, clip the boarder and use the fabric in the center for something else.

The problem is the entire piece was miscounted. The closter blocks which are supposed to be 5 stitches over 4 threads are all done 4 stitches over 4 threads shifting the entire design out of line all the way around the blanket.  Had the cut work not been started it would have been a matter of a lot of threads pulled to restitch and fix the miscount but in this case a lot of the cutting is done and the amount of reweaving to be done looks painful.

All the little hearts and crosses are done the same way, over 4 for 4 stitches and there are little fuzzies everywhere from the odd cutting that had to be done.  I counted out a short side to see where the border would hit and by the 3rd repeat of the design the heart will be at the point of the design instead of at the low point which will throw the entire piece off and while weaving linen threads from other places can fix some things I'd be reweaving the entire motif for  42 of them and that is going to leave the piece more delicate than it should be considering this is a blanket that should be usable and not just for show.

Now I will have to decide if I want to start this piece again and do it right, I'm so discouraged right now that I don't see that happening but it might.   Mehhh


  1. It is such a pretty pattern it would be a shame not to stitch it afresh.


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