Busy Busy!

Yes I have been stitching in the past week despite not posting. A lot happened last week between spending time with Indiana to help him adjust to his new home and my mom having surgery so I was kept away from the computer a lot. When I did have time to post Indiana decided that computer time just wasn't acceptable and jumped on my lap only to lay right in front of the keyboard on my desk... maybe he's part cat?

Here is some of my progress from the week. I had to pick a new thread for the background on pig, I just wasn't happy with the way the wildflowers was looking so I opted for a solid green that was mid range of the greens painted in the background.

I got my lady bug done with the exception of the 4 stitches on his cheek. I don't have the weeks that is called for there so I have to get into my DMC and see if I can find one I like, I'm just not buying a skein of weeks for only 4 stitches. I've also got some work in on the bunny and the pumpkin farm but I forgot to snap pics of them this morning


  1. The pig and ladybug look great! I know what you mean about buying one skein for a few stitches, seems silly.

    Sounds like your new doggie is adjusting well. :D

  2. both of them are so cute!

  3. I'm sure you'll find a good DMC for those 4 stitches on the ladybug. The pig is looking fantastic! Are you almost done with him?

  4. These are too darn cute!!! I wanted to comment previously; however, DH put up a firewall that blocked the pop-up window(s).


  5. This pig is very cute!!!cheers


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