Shopping, who me?

Well, in my defense I was having a bit of a slump with getting anything stitching related accomplished so what better way to help with motivation than buying more stash? Wait, that's not quite how its supposed to work.  Oh well, too late.

First we have the Hometown Holiday Series from Little House Needleworks.  Not sure how I missed this one but provided I can actually get them stitched and finished it will give me quite the adorable Christmas village.  I used to have a ceramic set but you've seen how they are packaged to avoid breakage.  All the foam, big cumbersome box, who has time for all that?  This is small, cute, and I can toss it in a small bag or box in the container that has all the decorations to store it.

How cute it this? Seems Facebook has outlets to feed my stash, I had to unfollow the group or it would not have ended well.  I managed to re-home many of my things and this Halloween piece and a few others found there way to my house, not sure I'm any further ahead.  Ahh well.  I need to finish the sheep before I will start the village and I really want to start the village, a bit of motivation then. 


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